Global Credit Insurance, Excess of Loss (XoL) and Non-Cancelable Credit Limits in times of Covid-19

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This time, we are delighted to host the online seminar together with our client, the German DAX listed corporation, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA and discuss their experiences in the implementation of a global credit insurance program prior to the Covid-19 crisis, based on the “Excess-of-Loss (XoL)” philosophy.  
The XoL type of credit Insurance generally appeals to the needs of corporations with strong internal global credit management guidelines & procedures. Via XoL insured companies are more inclined to bear certain amount of risk as per historical experience and want to protect themselves against particularly high one-off bad debts or a series of bad debts that exceeds their normal experience and are interested in this approach. In this kind of credit insurance partnership between insurer and policyholder, the policyholder's credit control practices form an integral part of the insurance policy. In exchange for taking certain risk, the policyholder has been given certain level of discretion to run their business affairs, whereby the insurer gets involved only for higher credit limit approvals on a non-cancelable basis. 
Listen to our expert panel with Wibke Kuhnert, Corporate Director Finance at Henkel AG & Co. KGaA , Burkhard Wittgen, Member of the Executive Board at Aon Credit Solutions, Germany and Stuart Lawson, CEO at Aon Credit Solutions, EMEA. 
This online seminar takes place exclusively in English. 
We are looking forward to your participation!

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